LF008 – Joinedbywire – Black Axis 1-4 (CDR)

In the space between the known dimensions, the subtle geometry of the human mind is inverted. Gaping Caverns and thunderous waterways replace the logical synapses, and a liminal state is applied to all objects and persons. The universal OM so familiar to our own ears is replaced by a frozen soundway slab, elephantine and total. This is a tyranny of possibilities at the limits of understanding – thank the almighty that our gooey brains have yet to transverse the gateway fully.

Joinedbywire were a trio formed in Bath, Somerset in 2002 and quickly cut their teeth with a dual guitar/drum instrumental racket that resulted with one gig and one favourable review. These matter-of-fact histories aside, Joinedbywire appear to have channelled those trans-dimensional zones with Black Axis 1-4 , tearing chunks of masonry and limestone from the bolted gateway of the unknown. Four tracks of emergency wail, voice & noise & wave theory lie within. It’s hard to describe the totality of this recording, other than overly pedestrian description of a ‘big fat wall of aural decimation’.

Black Axis 1-4 was recorded at the time of the tragic death of Joinedbywire guitarist Sara (her spoken word vocal can be heard throughout the second track) and is dedicated to her memory. This is a major work from the underground South-West sound scene and it’s a pleasure to be releasing this cdr on lf records.

Packaged in a hand-stamped silver or gold design (specify which you want if you want) and strictly limited.

LF006 – Garnett James – Protect & Survive (CDR)

Live recording of a really awesome max/msp workout by mysterious West-Country bod Garnett James.  The beauty of G.J.s pieces is that they run equally hot at either loud or low from your home stereo system as the dynamics are knife-sharp. This album would probably fit under the ‘lowercase sound’ bracket back in the old days , but it’s something much better than that genre suggests – full of microprocessed offworld drone, disabled industrial cutups and blasts of computer noise it’s a total winner. Sounds to me like INA-GRM taken over by a host of arachnids – yeah, that much menace and whatthehell?.

Edition of 50 handmade w/ black card casing.

LF005 – Duncan Bruce – New Glass Tapu (CDR)

Thought you had a grip on the whole New Zealand free noise/drone/freak scene? You best think again. Duncan Bruce (aka Rahmane) has been a shadowy figure on this edge-of-the-world noise steppe for the past decade. He’s hit downtime with the likes of Armpit, skronked heavy with Crude and layed down solo sax dervish rotations that have split skulls and flayed the skin offa legions of hornless infidels. Recordings are tough to track (Bruce has previous releases on Veglia and Freedom From), but New Glass Tapu is a fresh divination from the depths – 9 tracks of free jizz and radiation burn in the form of reed scouring feedback, decomposed electronics, piano blindness and astral drone. Sounds like some deep long lost 60’s freakout document recorded in the Rif and buried in a stale veil of opium/djinn haze. As with the best produce from these antipodes, this sounds a trillion miles out-there.

The cdr features team-ups between Bruce and talents of Clayton ‘CJA’ Noone (Armpit, The Futurians), Tim Cornelius (Sandoz Lab Technicians) and Lee Noyes (Wolfskull/Behemothaur) I’m ultra-excited to be releasing this cut of love from the man, it’s an ecstatic joy and hopefully fills in some more gaps in the labyrinthine story of the modern NZ sound thing.

100 copies, clamshell pack with shattered Glass Tapu art on cdr face.

LF003 – dsic – Love City (CDR)

dsic love city cover photoShit man, this is Love City. L-O-V-E. Wretched drones formed from nebula slaughter in the form of tonal clipping and hazy electronics. A strange mixture of composed overtones and freedom power-processing. This one has been a long time coming, full length and full of smoke and mirrors. Sits halfway between punk noise and soporific badtime ambient. Features some M.O.R. rock too… hand dyed/stamped cdr and baby-blue card cover. over 50 minutes of sound.